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I’m a lucky guy, because I have three careers going at once, and I love every one of them.

When I was a junior in high school I walked into a radio station and asked for a job. Somehow they said yes, and I’ve been doing it now for more than 35 years. This past January I celebrated 20 years on the morning show at Mix 100, which is wild to me.

Writing and publishing is also an important part of my life. As of early 2013 I’ve published eight books, including the Galahad book series for young adults.

Plus, two different volumes of Mindbender Books have made the bestseller list. I write a weekly syndicated blog post, called Building A Better Student, which is carried by blogs around the country. Again, I’m a lucky guy.

And then there’s my non-profit foundation, The Big Brain Club. To put it simply, we help young people embrace the idea that Smart is Cool. 

I hope you’ll visit my web site ( to find out all about the books and the foundation. I’m proud of it all.

Thanks very much for spending your mornings (or your podcast time) with The Dom and Jane Show!

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