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Review: 2013 Lexus LS460

There’s never been any argument that Lexus sedans aren’t some of the most luxurious, comfortable, and stylish cars on the market. A knock on the LS460 has been its power and performance - but only when held up to direct competition, not in general.

For 2013 the engineers injected a few more horses in order to improve its giddy-up, but it’s really not a deal-maker or deal-breaker; the LS460 is a beautiful piece of machinery that drives like a dream.

If zero to sixty in less than six seconds isn’t good enough for you in a luxury sedan, you should be looking at a different car altogether.

With a redesign for this year, Lexus mostly focused on the interior - which, again, surely didn’t need much help. What they did, however, is juice it up just a touch, adding some additional modern conveniences (depending on what you consider a convenience) and a little more stylish pizzazz.

That includes more stitching in the upholstery, along with some added padding here and there. The result is an even more comfortable ride than before, believe it or not.

As with almost all luxury car makers, Lexus has jumped headlong into the tech-heavy dashboard. (They each have a cute name; for Lexus it’s the Remote Touch Interface.) Not all of us are fans of control knobs or a mouse-like device to control audio, climate, and other functions. But no matter how much we grumble, it seems that we’re stuck with it.

Just my opinion, but I think these overly-complicated control options are dangerous; they take the driver’s attention off the road too much. Again, no one listens, but it’s the truth.

Having said that, everything else about the LS460’s interior is a dream. Space is abundant, including the back seat, and you will not get a smoother ride, period.

Outside the look has altered a touch. After blending in for a few years, its new sleeker appearance separates the LS from the pack of similar-looking sedans.

Standard features spoil you, from xenon headlights, auto-dimming and auto-folding mirrors, to front and rear parking sensors, backup camera, and the Lexus Enform family of smartphone apps.

Safety components include a blind-spot warning system, which is a terrific feature, as well as a pre-collision system within the adaptive cruise control. The car can actually help take control when a collision seems imminent. It’s a feature worth reading up on.

With its size and V8 engine, mileage isn’t what sells this car: I piloted the all-wheel-drive edition, where EPA estimates claim a combined 18 mpg between city and highway driving. Expect a sticker price beginning in the mid 70s, and with options climbing just above the $80k mark.

If you want to compare, I’d suggest looking at the Audi A8. the BMW 7-series, or the Mercedes S-class. All three of those might give the Lexus a challenge in the power department, but the LS460 more than makes up for it with a dynamic look both inside and out, along with the smoothest ride of your life.


11/09/2013 3:32PM
Review: 2013 Lexus LS460
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