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Charismatic 4-18-14
Dom teaches Jeremy how to be charismatic in this podcast…
1,200 Dollar Fight 4-18-14
This soon to be married couple might have to postpone the wedding because of a kind gesture.
News For Nerds 4-18-14
Drink your pee pee, sweet snow board, crappy airline food and MORE nerdy news!
Spooning and Yoga Pants 4-17-14
Spooing is healthy and Dom still hates yoga pants.
As Seen On TV 4-16
What do you think you can do because you saw someone do it on TV?
Good Men 4-16-14
We gave the ladies an opportunity to call in and say something good about their man!
Red Neck 4-15-14
What's your white trash secret? Dom's includes waffles and petroleum.
Dating Revenge 4-15-14
Tales of vindictiveness after being dumped!
Everyone Gets A Egg 4-15-14
A lame new Easter egg hunt tradition.
I Don't Love You 4-14-14
Jeremy’s son has ice water running through his veins.
Too Soon 4-14-14
How soon should you start dating after a long relationship?
Pay More At Buffets 4-11-14
Should men be charged more at buffets?
Soul Man 4-11-14
Do dogs have soul – listen to some great listener calls.
News For Nerds 4-11-14
Bad place for a bee sting, repeating music, running will kill you and more nerdy news!
Not So Hip 4-10-14
Things are just not that cool when your grandma has them
In Your Mouth 4-10-14
Listen to these stores about things growing in peoples mouths! Eckkk
Ugly Thief 4-10-14
One of the Target thiefs is right here in the state!
Right Lane Jerk 4-10-14
Dom is sick and tired of traffic jerks in the right lane.
This Old House 4-9-14
What are the creepy/cool features of your old house?
Nice Horn 4-9-14
Turbo Poll: What do you think is the sexiest instrument?
Sexy Putt Putt 4-9-14
Are you bothered by a golf magazine using sex to sell?
Far Away Land 4-8-14
You can have a fish swim up your PP in a far away land….
Secrets 4-8-14
What is your deepest darkest secret? How about you spill it on the radio!
Card Reading 4-8-14
Emily had her cards read by a street wizard…
Current Events 4-8-14
Some current events including the time you're wasting on TV!
Couple New Apps 4-7-14
Jane and Em have a couple apps that you’ll never want to download.
Ed Loves Milk 4-4-14
The do's and dont's of using mothers milk.
Kids Love Boxes 4-4-14
What free/cheap toys do your kids prefer over the expensive fancy ones you buy them?
News For Nerds 4-4-14
N4N: Why zebras have stripes, the chicken from hell, bye bye Yellowstone and more nerdy news.
Background Checks 4-3-14
We need background checks at hardware stores. There are dangerous things there....
Free Stuff 4-3-14
If Jeremy became homeless - he's keeping a list of the places he can get free things.
Hex 4-3-14
Jeremy's wife's aunt in Iowa puts a Hex on people - we'll explain
Missed Connections 4-2-14
Have you missed a connection? Dom hasn’t…
Thank You Notes 4-2-14
Thank you card revenge. What one couple did when they didn't receive a TY card.
Kids Vaca 4-1-14
Should the kids be allowed to pay for the family vacation?
Pre-Wife 4-1-14
Want to be a good wife? Better start chopping veggies.
Men Are Sensitive 4-1-14
Dom has a list of how to hurt a man’s ego.
Jane Report 4-1-14
Today’s JR: Late night jokes, Conan live, and more celebrity newz.
Intervention 3-31-14
Someone in your family needs an intervention. Who is it and why?
Not So VIP 3-31-14
Ever hear of a brewery tour that costs $200…. Yeah, we haven’t either.
Jane Report 3-31-14
Today’s JR: SNL update, celeb divorce hush hush, MJ demo, people like Frozen and more celeb stuff.
Scars 3-28-14
Call us with your scar because we know how you got it!
News For Nerds 3-28-14
N4N: Universe bubbles, nerdy jokes, no corkscrew no problem, new space suits and clumsy Thor.
Jane Report 3-28-14
Today’s JR: Bad Zac bad, Joan River’s jokes, and more celebrity news.
Just Dance 3-27-14
She just wants to dance. He just likes to watch. Should they break up?
Uncoupling 3-27-14
If you had a chance to uncouple with anything, what would it be?
Jane Report 3-27-14
Today’s JR: Oprah on tour, Cosby on late night, Zac in a fight and more celebrity news.
Married Before 3-26-14
Oh boy, this guy is in a pickle. Should he tell his lady friend that he's been married before.
Men Are Gross 3-26-14
Jane and Emily think Dom and Jeremy are gross... find out why here.
Scam! 3-26-14
Who knew renting a movie was such a scam.
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